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Read you’re description to a partner, then show the picture to you’re partner and see if the description matches the picture!!!
The Mouse Man Who had white fur and brown hair went scuba diving to find the lost treasure Wearing his green goggles and his yellow striped blue Swim wear. He went to a ship wreck at the bottom where there was a bottle an Anchor and the boat of course.








What might be the benefits of having a vegetable garden at school?
That we will be able to have Healthier food that is grown our selves!

Why should schools teach better eating habits to students?
To stop Problems such as obesity!

Why do many of the top ten lunches include fruit?
Because fruit is a good natural source of food

Why do many of the top ten lunches include cheese or plain/flavoured milk?
Because they include calcium and that helps with you’re bones

How could the vegie patch at OLSC be used better?
By being watered everyday and taken care of by the Students and Teachers

What are some actions our students could take at OLSC to encourage healthier eating?
By having healthy eating days a few days each time!



Answer the following questions in your workbook

Who can you relate to in the story? Explain this connection. = Don’t relate to any one
What could Tommy have done in the story to show more courtesy? Listened to his mother and stop being rude.
Do you think Tommy’s mother was fair in deciding to make Tommy cook dinner from now on? Explain. Well it did upset her but She over Reacted.
What do you think is the lesson in this story for readers? That don’t be Rude and you won’t get Consequences

Write 5 main points to the BTN video
-Don’t use electronics before bed
-Read instead of Electronics before bed
-Don’t use electronics an Hour before bed
-That electronics can prevent the human body clock switching to sleep time
-That electronics can cause sleep problems


Moral of the ten suns
Together isn’t always better

Similes are basically a description which compares to objects using the words like or as!
Example “As busy as a Bee”

Metaphor is very similar to a simile but is a stronger comparison
Example “all the world’s a stage”



I feel a bit disappointed about the fact that there are so many homeless people in Victoria and thought if that’s Victoria how many are there in the world.

1.that 16% of the homeless in Victoria are under 12
2. Over 22,773 people in Victoria are homeless
3. There are more homeless males then Females
4. 3% of homeless people are homeless because of mental health issues
5. That 33% of homeless people are homeless because from Domestic violence


Something I learnt was that there are many more homeless people in Victoria than I thought.
Something I enjoyed working on the maths MyEdApp
My Goal for next week is to have neater Handwriting by next Big Write




1) What are the meanings of the four candles on the Advent Wreath?
Hope, Preperation, Joy and Love.
2) What do some people say is the pre-Christian history of the Advent Wreath?
Christians simply adapted an even earlier custom from pre-Christian Germanic tribes.
3) Where might you find an Advent Wreath?
In Churches, homes and Catholic Schools.
4) What does the circle of the wreath represent?
Hope that Jesus will come back.
5) Why might it be necessary to prepare and ‘celebrate’ waiting during Advent?
Because it’s waiting for Jesus’s birthday because he sacrificed himself for us so it is necessary to celebrate the birth of our Savour

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