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Specialist’s reflections

What I have learnt?
How to work better as a team in certain team sports!
How to strategise games to get a better chance for the team to win!
And How to do Elastics properly!

My Sports Highlights,
That many games have many ways to win depending on who your versing and what there strategies are, so you’ve got to come up with the perfect strategy that will out do there strategies and help win the game. I have also enjoyed how strategising these games in teams have really made it more cooperative.

Performing arts,
What I have Learnt?
That there are many things that can make a great performance. Some of the many things that make a great performance are being loud and proud, not mumbling, and feeling confidant. But the greatest thing for a performance is having others believe in you.
I have also learnt that Imagination is the key to a good act.

What I have enjoyed?
I have enjoyed be a judge, and having my own opinion on others performances. I also have enjoyed playing space jump, because we got to make up an idea for an act and having others back up the idea. I have also enjoyed the heritage project because I got to learn how to perform the main famous Mexican Dance, the Mexican Hat Dance.

What I have learnt?
I have learnt how to sign certain Countries, and I have also learnt how to sign the entire alphabet. I have also learnt that hearing aids were invented by the British. I have also learnt that different signs can have different meanings in different Sign languages of different countries.

What I have enjoyed?
I have enjoyed getting to learn about the history of hearing Aids, and getting to hear the story of the African boy, Patrick. I have enjoyed getting to learn how to sign different things, and signing the names of Countries. Also learning that there are different signs for the different states of Australia.

Visual Arts,
I have learnt that many forms of art have different styles of creation. In have also learnt that some forms of art are easier completed by a small group than alone. Another thing is that Inspiration can come from anything, such as surroundings, and other artwork. Also that artwork can be spotted anywhere in the world. Something I’ve learnt was that for mosaic’s is that the simplest designs can also be the best.

I enjoyed being able to design a mosaic with others, and having the chance to cooperate to uplevel the design. Also I enjoyed learning different skills of folding strips of paper to make different shapes.

My group worked well as a team to agree on a design for the mosaic. We had 2 designs An Orange and The Moon, we thought and voted and decided the Orange was the best.

I think Art is Creative because you use your imagination to create an image on a canvas.

Art has helped me in understanding the concepts of many forms of artwork.

I have learnt that there many different words that can be use for a whole phrase, and many others for the responses. I have also learnt that in the Chinese opera that the each mask represents something. I have also that the symbols of animals can be turned into pictures of that creature.

I have enjoyed getting to make the Chinese boxes, and making the little details for it. I have also enjoyed learning new words for a new language. Another thing was making pictures out of the Symbols.

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