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!:Week 5:!
What I learnt this week! A few things I google sites like how to add a youtube video!
What I am proud of this week! Finishing my Genius hour in time!
What my goals are for next week! Being more prepared for some tasks!

Whole Term Reflection!!!

First Id like to a Talk about the Winter Sleepout. First we set up our beds. Then we had dinner and a run around. Afterwards we had our supper, that was amazing. At the end I played Monopoly with Lachlan, Neve, and Mia. Then I finished my book Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.

At the start of term I got to cook for last terms Maths Project (M.K.R). First we made Healthy Chicken nuggets with, Egg, Flour, Corn Flakes, Chicken, Milk and Garlic Powder, also another Spice I don’t Remember. Then we made Lemony Chicken Cutlets which I don’t remember the ingredients to. Then we made Garlic bread, which was made with a French Bread Stick, Butter, and Garlic Powder. Then we made Coconut Penacotta.

On book week we had a dress up day to come as a book character, I came as Percy Jackson, it was fun. We watched all the other year levels walk around whilst we got ready to walk. When we were walking I gave everyone a High five and danced while I walked. At the end my friend Neve won the Year 5 and 6 walk because she brought a giant K9 from Doctor Who. So all day I was walking around all day in my amazing costume. Yay

Term 4, Week 5

I enjoyed the 4 day long week end, because I slept at a friends house.
I also enjoyed playing sport games during sport on Thursday.
I enjoyed passion project for year 6’s on Wednesday because ,my new topic is writing a book.

I learnt was Bodmas and it’s mean, Brackets Order Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction

My Goal for next week is to get more must do’s complete.

Term 4 Week 6

I enjoyed building an Estate Model
I also Enjoyed playing outside in the Passive play
and Learning about Remembrance Day.

I learnt some new tricks for solving Multiplication, as well as why poppies are so important in Remembrance day.

My goal is to work on and remember the mathematics tricks I’ve learnt

Week 8 term 4
What I have enjoyed!
Getting to Help judge at OLSC’s got talent, and being able to tell the performers what I thought.
I have also enjoyed getting to make a Fish out of clay for Mandarin.
I am also proud of the way I caught up in Auslan after being sick for a few weeks.

What I have learnt!
Really sick, and got back on Thursday.

My Goal!
To finish my Estate Model, By next Friday.

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