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End of year Reflections

This is My Design and technology Reflection,
Through out the course of term 4, Lachlan and I worked on the Design and Technology Project together and invented T’Lights. I enjoyed planning, designing, and creating our invention. Our T’Lights were made to make people happier and less scared of the dark. I feel our idea would work if we made an actual working model with the working lights, and the buttons, and the designs. It was fun working together to decide what themes our T’Lights were going to be, the themes we decided on were, The Arctic, The Jungle, and Nickelodeon.

This is my Maths Reflection,
This term Lachlan, Dylan, Halle, Sidney and I had to plan, design, and make a model to an estate. We had the chance to have input of every single decision, and work together to design it, I was in charge of making the Model Estate, and planning the roadworks, I decided in our model there will be a Bunnings Warehouse, a Target, and Woolworths. The street names the group decided on was, Morrison Lane, Powell Blv, Kilo Road, Park lane, and Bob Ave. It was fun making this with people I don’t usually work with.


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